Studying in Germany

The two primary visas available to students who want to study in Germany are:

For studies lasting three months or less, a Schengen visa is required.

1. German national visa: required for three-month or longer studies.

Three distinct visas for German students are offered:

Students accepted to a German university are eligible for a German student visa.

2. German student applicant visa: for individuals submitting an in-person application for admission to an institution.

Students enrolled in German language courses are eligible for the German language course visa.

You need a number of documents to apply for a German student visa, including a filled out application form, a current passport, confirmation of your university admission, proof of your language ability, proof of your financial means, proof of health insurance, and more.

You can prove your financial stability by providing a blocked bank account, a letter of commitment from your parents or another resident, or a scholarship certificate. Visa application fees range from €60 to €75.

Setting up a visa appointment, going to the interview, and submitting the required paperwork are all part of the application process. The average processing time for a visa is 25 days, and 92% of applications are approved.

Once you get your student visa, you may go to Germany, look for housing, make sure you have health insurance, finish enrolling in school, and open a bank account. Three months later, if you want to carry on with your education, you must apply for a residence permit.

Holders of student visas from Germany are permitted to work up to 120 days a year, so long as it doesn’t interfere with their education. Working full-time is prohibited. There are institutions such as the Goethe Institute Ghana where you can find very valuable information as well.


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Written by Awber Kotei

Authored by PakKayman